The Two Four Two (242) Yacht Club of Duluth is a social club, established in the spring of 1985, and recognized by the State of Minnesota as a non-profit organization on July 22, 1985.


Our club is comprised of people that are dedicated to boating, fun and fellowship.


Q:  What does 242 stand for? 

A:  It is the nautical compass setting for the Duluth entrance. 

New members are always welcome to join.

If anyone is interested in hosting a dinghy hop, please contact one of the Board Members. Hosting a dinghy hop would be providing a theme for the event, example of Tony's Dock Bash. Host(s) and President will work together to coordinate the event. Themes can be as simple or outgoing as the host would like. If interested, please contact us right away.

Dinghy Hops - a social gathering to meet and/or reconnect with friends. Food, drinks, bonfires, lots of laughs and good times.

Boat ownership is not required for membership.


We provide a responsible family pastime

dedicated to keeping the water and beaches

of Lake Superior clean.


Let's have  F U N  together!